Estonia Admission Requirements for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree

Estonia Admission Requirements for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree

Incase you are having an issue about choosing where to study, worry less because Estonia admissions are now open for foreign students at affordable tuition fees. All you have to do is know the necessary requirements and get them before proceeding to application for Estonia Admission.

The requirements for Estonia Admission are listed below for both Master’s and Bachelor’s dergees.

Estonia admission requirements for Master’s.

  1. International Passport
  2. Degree certificate
  3. O’level certificate
  4. Passport photograph (white background).
  5. Transcript copy if available (Note that the copy will be sent directly from your university either via email or post latest by the end of January each year).

Estonia admission requirements for Bachelor’s

  1. International Passport
  2. O’level Certificate
  3. Copy of scratch card to check your O’level (WAEC or NECO acceptable)
  4. Passport photograph (white background)
  5. English proficiency (TOEFL) is required – No embassy in Nigeria.

General Format for documents

All documents must be sent in PDF format and all edges of the documents must be seen. please do not cut the edges when scanning

Average Tuition Fee

The average Tuition fee is Three thousand five hundred (3500) Euros per year for masters, Two thousand five hundred (2500) Euros for Bachelor’s. Half of that can be paid in order to get your acceptance letter while the balance can be paid before the commencement of the second semester. Payments are made directly to the university. Scholarships are not available.

Intake for 2021: September 2021

NB: Make sure you scan the originals and not the photocopies of your documents.

Processing time for admissions only: 3months+

IG: Exo_dus20
Mobile: +905380178995
Whatsapp: +905338714504

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