International Students offered free discounts by Australian Universities

Due to travel restrictions, Australian universities are offering discounts on tuition fee to international students who are taking complete online classes for 2021 academic term . the list of universities offering discount, rate of discount and scholarships are listed here:

As the travel restrictions lingers on for many international travellers in Australia as a result of the prevailing COVID 19 conditions, the Australian universities have decided to offer a certain discount to international students who are held bound in different parts of the world. This will bring a huge relief for international students taking complete online classes for the upcoming academic sessions.

Three major Australian universities have already announced discounts on international tuition fee for students who are still taking online classes in their home countries. They include

The University of Queensland,
The University of Adelaide, and
The University of Newcastle

Listed below are The discount rate offered by these universities

1. The University of Adelaide offers a 20% discount for New and Continuing International Students.
2. The University of Queensland offers 12.5% for International Students enrolled in full time or part-time course
3. The University of Newcastle offers 20% for New and Continuing International Students

Note: In order to be considered for the tuition discount mentioned above, the international student must be taking the complete class in online mode and must also be currently located at a place outside Australia.

As per the data from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment of January 2021, approximately 130,000 international students who are already enrolled at Australian universities are still stranded in other countries. For these students, the discount offered by universities will serve as a means of support and encouragement to take classes in online mode.

Option For Scholarship for International Students In Australia
More to the discounted tuition fee, the University of Adelaide has also established a new international student scholarship for 2021 which will enable eligible students to receive a scholarship that will cover 15% to 30% discounts of the tuition fee.

Charles Sturt University is also offering a scholarship of 30% to international students who have faced major study setbacks due to travel restrictions.

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