Study in UK-for International Students

Over the years, UK has established itself and has remained a top destination for international students who desire exceptional qualifications from top notched, globally recognized institutions. According to the Higher Education Policy Institute (UK), in 2004-05 UK recorded over 218,000 non-EU students in the country.

The UK is a melting point of different cultures, languages, religions and people. As a result, its higher education institutions cater to different student population. From its big, bustling cities to tiny, quaint little seaside towns, small specialist colleges to metropolitan universities, the perfect setting for the kind of educational experience you are looking for are all available and you can find it all. No one is left out as everyone will find something special.

UK institutions offer a wide range of studying options and its students has more than 50,000 postgraduate taught courses and research opportunities to choose from. Degrees ranges from professional qualifications in business and sciences, to vocational courses in media and performing arts.

Student are allowed to pick from a wide variety of universities, from historic educational establishments to the most recent and modern institutions which co-exist to make studying in the UK a deeply enriching,
vibrant and successful educational experience.

Things to benefit from studying in the UK

  • Academic Excellence: UK varsities provides first-class or you can say world-class qualifications in education through high-quality teaching and top-grade research facilities. Students has the opportunity to choose which institution fits their needs best by thoroughly observing the university ratings offered by a range of independent quality assessment bodies in the UK whose reports are available online for free.The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), for example, determines the quality of the educational services rendered within a university. Similarly, research standards are measured by the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and made public every 5 years

  • Value Money & Saving Time: Studying in the UK does not only mean having the opportunity to a high-quality education, but one which may be of more financial viablity. Most UK institutions provides foreign students with intensive-study fast track options to enable the completion of undergraduate study in two years, meanwhile many offer Masters programmes which are only one-year in duration. Also, if a student excels beyond measure in results at Bachelors level, they may be accepted on to a PhD program directly after graduating.

  • Student Life with International Tradition: Life of students in the UK provides a perfect and unique opportunity to live in a multicultural,
    multi-ethnic environment. UK institutions have vibrant student unions which organise cultural and social events round the year.
    Foreign student offices are devoted to the welfare of international students and offer the necessary support and counsel on issues ranging from financial support, housing, visa issues and more. For business students, life in the UK can give unique insight into the workings of the EU.

Applying to UK
The main intake offered by all institutions are in September / October,
few institutions offer Jan / Feb intake also. The UK has a centralized system of application and the admission for undergraduate degrees, known as UCAS.

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